Hair Care

At Vanity Palace supplying the finest quality hair and products is very important to us. Tested and approved, our bundles can last you over 3 years with exceptional maintenance. Following our hair care guidelines will allow you to preserve your luscious bundles which are made to last you over 3 years. Protect and maintain your investment following these tips: 
  • Brush hair gently from tip to root to avoid excessively pulling out hair strands. 

  •  Wash bundles with a sulfate-free shampoo before installing. Our recommended shampoo: Aussie Miracle Shampoo. 

  •  Condition your hair every other week using our Nourish Me Weave Conditioner. 

  • Use a small amount of oil serum to give hair shine and lustre, or if hair needs a little restoring. Our recommended hair serums include: BioSilk Therapy Serum, Chi Silk Infusion, Paul Mitchell Hair Serum, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shine Oil. 

  • Avoid cutting wefts on bundles to prevent shedding. 

  • Always apply a heat protectant spray when applying heat to hair. Our recommended heat protectant sprays: ColourWow Extra-Strength Dream Coat, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant, KeraCare Thermal Wonder, Fantasia IC  

  • After washing and conditioning hair, air-dry hair 70% dry, apply heat protectant and hair serum and our Hair Hydration Silk Liquid, blow dry then proceed to style.

  • Wear a silk bonnet to sleep as this will prevent snagging and drying out hair from rubbing on pillows.

  • Tie hair back with a silk hair band.

  • Store hair in box or silk bag