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Lay It Down Glue

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Our Lay it Down waterproof lace glue has been carefully curated especially for those who have oily skin or are sweat prone, it is also perfect for humid settings. Our waterproof and oil resistant glue will allow you to wear your lace wig without the paranoia of thinking “is my wig sliding back”, say bye to lace lifting anxiety! eliminate the worry of not being able to function properly or do fun activities because you’re worried about your lace. Our Lay it down will hold you and your lace down!


  1. Remove all residue using an alcohol free toner

  2. Apply thin layer of skin protectant spray to create a barrier between hairline and lace glue

  3. Apply 3-5 thin layers on desired area of hairline where you want your wig to start. After each layer wait for glue to turn clear and tacky, then apply next later. The glue must not be completely dry, if necessary very gently touch adhesive area to feel if it’s tacky enough

  4. Once you have completed process, carefully apply lace onto adhesive area.

  5. Allow the Lay it Down glue to completely dry for at least 5 minutes then tie down with a silk scarf for a minimum of 15 mins. The longer the scarf is tied down the better.

  6. For an even extra strong hold & to further melt the lace, to achieve an even more realistic scalp effect you can then apply our Secure Me Melting Spray to your lace.

Following this step, blow dry until melt spray has dried down.

  • skin safe

  • humidity resistant

  • sweat proof and waterproof

  • no latex,

  • no irritating solvents

  • specially curated for people with sensitive skin and scalp, safe to use.

  • long-lasting with a flawless finish. Depending on how many layers, our glue can  provides up to 3 weeks of secure hold without damaging your lace.

This glue was created to support clients with oily skin, sweat prone and with active lifestyles.



Water, Acrylates Copolymer,

Pro pylene Glycol,


Sodium Dehydroacetate,


Lay It Down Glue
Lay It Down Glue